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About Kefah Bates

Born in Stourbridge town, in the West Midlands, England, Kefah’s earliest understanding of light came with a universal knowing based on no borders, fear or restriction.  Following no one path, no religion or spiritual order Kefah dedicates her life to knowing the truth of the soul experience and its relationship to the Holy. This state expresses itself with no one aspect, being peace, love or compassion though it holds all these principles.

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Follow Your Truth – Create what feels real to you and bring meaning into your life.

  • Born To Be Free

    The key to freeing the self and creating the life you wish for lies in untying the restrictions you feel within yourself. Find the answers to what is holding you back, limiting your potential and how we can start to flow with life.......

  • Follow Your Truth

    Feeling as if you function from a diluted version of yourself or live unsure to what brings you meaning, forces you to feel that you are not fully creating the life you want. Many people experience only living a fraction of their potential. ...

  • Reach Your Greater Purpose

    Exploring the bigger questions of, Where are we going? What is life for? And How to find purpose? tend to be far from our thoughts until we are forced to the edge of what is comfortable. Your Soul knows how to find its way home......

“Live The Life Of Empowerment”
By Kefah Bates

With extensive experience of healing and supporting the spiritual growth of others, Kefah shares the most significant teachings and practical guidance to help empower you. She demystifies why we carry blocks to healing and helps us to untether our self from what holds us back from living the truer essence of our self.

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