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Kefah Bates

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About Kefah Bates

Kefah Bates has over 20 years of experience working within the field of healing and empowerment. She teaches on the core truths of soul crises, and the nature of the unlimited self.

Born to first-generation Yemeni parents, she grew up in the creative county of Staffordshire, England.  It was not just her ethnic background that made her feel different.  She came into the world highly sensitive and possessed a deep concern for the suffering that existed universally.

Her artistic nature drew her to the creative arts and she graduated from university from Dartington College of Arts, Devon.  She developed her love of teaching and studied teacher training for higher education settings.  The want to understand and heal the pain in the world was never far away from her.

She would consolidate all her skills and begin working in healing environments that encouraged wholeness, creativity and higher knowledge.  She spent seven years immersed in the teachings and communities of Rudolph Steiner, supporting adults with learning disabilities.  She grew her keen interest in esoteric teachings and the realities that exist beyond the physical.

Her life would take a new course and focus when she moved from England to Edinburgh.  She harnessed her innate sensitivity and studied TA Counselling and completed Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training.  Continuing her love of learning she went on to broaden her therapy training by qualifying in the healing modalities of Reiki, Energy, and Shamanic Healing.   This gave her the perfect platform to develop her calling of understanding why suffering exists in herself and others.

With relentless passion, she ran a healing centre helping people move through their pain and trauma.  Her compassion and unfailing acceptance of vulnerability allowed those she worked with to move effortlessly through dimensions of the soul and heal their pain.

She spent the next 12 years facilitating people to integrate their shadow self and open to their greater purpose.  Her service to help heal and empower her community was an unquestionable commitment. Her reputation grew and she began teaching people to grow connection to their sensitivity and develop their higher potential. She delivered regular workshops and courses on spiritual development, healing, and qualifying others to become healers.  She was devoted to celebrating the spirit of nature, wildlife, and crafts by facilitating regular ceremonies to honour the passing of seasons.

Her work was her calling and she experienced profound inner transformations that would lead her to make the transition from healer to spiritual teacher.  Kefah now travels worldwide teaching, speaking, and writing on the importance of governing the self, healing, and empowerment.

Speaker, Writer and Teacher

From direct personal experience and the culmination of her research Kefah now teaches on the core truths of the soul crises, the path to the higher evolution of the soul and the nature of the unlimited experience of the true self.  ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’ is Kefah’s most recent work in Audio that shares these core principles.

Kefah now teaches her work nationally and internationally, as a speaker, writer and teacher on the Completion of the Soul, Living the Light of Personal Truth and the Recovery of the True Self.

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