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Kefah Bates


About Kefah Bates

Born in Stourbridge town, in the West Midlands, England, Kefah’s earliest understanding of light came with a universal knowing based on no borders, fear or restriction.  Following no one path, no religion or spiritual order Kefah dedicates her life to knowing the truth of the soul experience and its relationship to the Holy. This state expresses itself with no one aspect, being peace, love or compassion though it holds all these principles.

The driving force of her exploration is to know freedom and God.  Kefah sought ways to heal and understand the only aspect of life that felt like truth, this was her suffering and its manifestation in everyone else.  She developed her healing skills over 20 years ago, beginning a series of personal transformations.  This led her to train as an Energy worker, Counsellor and Shamanic Healer.

Speaker, Writer and Teacher

From direct personal experience and the culmination of her research Kefah now teaches on the core truths of the soul crises, the path to the higher evolution of the soul and the nature of the unlimited experience of the true self.  ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’ is Kefah’s most recent work in publication and recording that shares these core principles.

Kefah now teaches her work nationally and internationally, as a speaker, writer and teacher on the Completion of the Soul, Living the Light of Personal Truth and the Recovery of the True Self.  

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