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“Live The Life Of Empowerment”
Audio Book By Kefah Bates

With extensive experience of healing and supporting the spiritual growth of others, Kefah shares the most significant teachings and practical guidance to help empower you. She demystifies why we carry blocks to healing and helps us to untether our self from what holds us back from living the truer essence of our self.

Kefah’s experience, knowledge and understanding of the higher development of the Soul helps us to liberate the self.  With years of working as a Healer, Counsellor and Spiritual Teacher Kefah is now sharing these truths as a Speaker, Writer and Teacher nationally and internationally.

With over 200 pieces of guidance and higher teaching you will strengthen to how to follow your inner knowing.  If you wish to awaken and live the purpose of your true self, then this audio is a must.

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