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Follow Your Truth

Follow Your Truth

Create what feels real to you and bring meaning into your life.

Feeling as if you function from a diluted version of yourself or live unsure to what brings you meaning, forces you to feel that you are not fully creating the life you want. Many people experience only living a fraction of their potential.

How does following your Truth give you a more fulfilling life experience?

We can replace what feels meaningful to us in the need to understand another‘s wishes and expectations.  When we turn away from our truth we lose touch with our inner knowing.  To lead from what feels real becomes challenging because the strong current of life forces you to look outside yourself.

To have health, know your truth and greater purpose, the whole of you needs expression.  What this means is that we have got used to showing only parts of our self and hiding what feels undesirable.  We experience only a fraction of who we are because of the way we filter our self to fit to something we are not.  It has become the norm to accept parts of our self and reject others.  This way of living has created inner restriction and makes us feel that who we are is not enough.

We are like the mighty rivers, for health and realisation of our higher potential, our whole soul experience needs to flow freely and uninhibited.

Your truth originates from the freest aspect of you because it comes with a strong life force.  Every time we do not listen to what feels right we create from only a small part of our potential. When this happens repeatedly we feel unfulfilled and true meaning for us becomes overshadowed.

Following what touches us connects us to who we are and what we are bringing.  We become used to not living our lives in this way because it feels easier to follow the belief of others over our own.  To forgo the vital energy that our innate wisdom brings, only promotes feeling unsure, disheartened and fearful of living your true self.

Following our truth reinstates inner harmony where the potential lies for us to accomplish any dream.  The life force delivered through our truth is strong because it gives value to everything.  It comes from the most sensitive expression of our soul and when allowed true expression reinforces strength to what is meaningful for us.

Living what feels real comes by allowing all of our self to be, unfiltered in the world.  Moving away from connection to what we believe in, forces us to lose belief in our self.  Such an impact on our being has been detrimental to developing our greater purpose. What ties us from living our truest expression is fear of seeing the whole of our self.

“ The cream of life, the fullness of being, comes from the emersion
of your inner world and following what is true to you. “

– Live the Life of Empowerment Audio Book

To untie yourself begins with an awareness of your inner world.  This awareness is not about rejecting, suppressing or detaching from yourself as this cannot strengthen the core of you.  To live the expression of what lies within is to feel all that you are without detachment.  When you allow yourself to feel what you come with, without restriction, this has a profound effect on the whole of your being.  The resonance of this act turns the tide of how you relate to yourself.  Living with any form of resistance creates fear in trusting your truth. 

What is innate in us is a force that knows how to manage itself, for our truth knows all of life has value.

Following truth leads you to the path of recovering your true state.  When we listen to what our soul longs for, to follow it to where it is going, we live who we are meant to be without restriction.  This path brings you,

  • that which supports you
  • leaving behind what limits you
  • living a meaningful life
  • coming to the wisdom aspect of yourself

To change the tide of our conditional state begins with how we relate to our self.  When we divide from within we will divide without.  If you fear parts of yourself, this encourages fear outside yourself.  Realising truth is to recover trust in the life force that moves within us.  We are learning to trust the natural movement of what we already come with.  Forcing our self to suit a false image of who we think we should be, creates a life with little meaning.  Without a strong foundation within, we hide parts of our self, lose self-belief and feel out of touch in our relationships and the world.  Your truth opens the doorway to your higher potential, reinstating belief in yourself and creating the life you dream of.