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Your Greater Purpose

Your Greater Purpose

Learning to embrace the treasures of the Soul

The bigger questions of, Where are we going? What is life for? And How to find purpose? tend to be far from our thoughts until we are forced to the edge of what is comfortable within us.  When we have to face discomfort, pain or struggle then the questions of the greater purpose of our life surface.

Through hardship and pain we believe that struggle has no purpose, means nothing and is just an uncomfortable part of living life.  This is understandable as we priorities the outer reality and believe that what moves within us has little value. So what is the purpose of internal struggle?

Rising pain or discomfort forces us to look closer at our self.  Instead of focusing on what is outside of us, pain firmly places the spotlight on what we need to deal with inside.  This is a challenge because we have placed so much importance to meet our every need through our outer reality.  We believe our deeper soul need for love, peace and happiness is achievable when we achieve it outside of us.  Investing in this belief will keep us wanting because it depends on an external source to complete it.

Struggle is not pointless, painful maybe, but it comes with its greater purpose.  Hardship comes because we have moved away from understanding the inter-connected processes of our soul life.  Pain is creations way of returning balance to life.  Most of our attention is being given to everything outside our self.  Pain exists to wake us up from our reliance on the outer world to give us the answers to what we really need.  Why?

What does not come from our inner-knowing is not in line with our true state of being.

Wishing to achieve fulfillment through the external world alone makes us become conditionally tied to it.  In our higher intelligence we know that this is unsustainable, creates insecurity and unease.  To wake us up from this restricted reality and help us turn towards our inner knowing, hardship comes to force us to remember who we are.  Without pain you remain caught in an external trap and fall asleep to your true potential.

Our origins come from a powerful creative force that flows through the whole of life and within it is a purpose.  Its motive is simple and pure in intention.  This life force seeks movement and wants to grow and expand life to infinite levels.  This is present in the molecular and energetic form of your being, of which you originate from.  Though each one of us is unique in our expression, the origin of our creation is from the same place.  This life force shows us to grow every aspect our self and live unlimited.  Our soul originates from this source and continues to seek for its higher purpose and recover recover its true state of being.

Suffering is creations way of moving us from unconsciousness to consciousness to divine consciousness.

To find the answers to the longing of our soul, find meaning and purpose in life we are looking for internal balance.  When we remain invested in a stream of life that values the external world over the inner self, we continue to create further struggle and pain.

As multi-dimensional beings we not only have a physical expression but we have an emotional, mental and spiritual body too.   We value the physical aspect so strongly that we have restricted or even devalued the other aspects of our self.  The physical aspect is only one potential, without the others functioning at the same level our soul development remains limited in experiencing a truer and meaningful life.

To experience our self in our true state, whole and complete, all aspects of our soul needs conscious growing and understanding.  Re-balancing all aspects of our self reinstates true health, happiness, peace and love to unfold.  The natural forces of life show us that when we turn inwards, we have the possibility to create a life we wish for.  Opening and strengthening the uniqueness of our soul reveals who we are, where we are heading and what our purpose is.

“Your opening is like a dear friend returning to your life, it brings relief, “

– Live the Life of Empowerment Audio Book

Turning inwards means recovering trust to our self.  With so much of our attention given to external pursuits we have become strangers to our inner world and processes.  To reinstate a higher expression back into our life comes from the knowing of you, the untying of ourself and the re-learning to express the whole of our being.